Cold Orthopaedics

Generally referred for the disease and problems of bones and joints not coming out-of trauma or injury . These are usually bone disease like Ricketts, Osteomalacia, Osteogenesis imperfect etc. and all bone tumor.

These are usually less called abnormal and ignored most of the times as these are rare bone condinaton.

But we at PUSHPANJALI feel these are also as important as any other diseases and take comprehensive care of these conditions in collaboration with haematologist, paediatrician and rheumatologists when needed.

Bone tumor are of two types, benign and malignant. they usually affect second and third decades of life.

Most important part of consideration in managing bone tumors is to salawage the limb and to give disease free life to the patient . And at pushpanjali hospital our experts are well trained with managing these tumors with different and latest technology like endoprosthesis and custom made prosthesis.