Laparoscopy Surgery

Considering for minimal invasive Surgery or laparoscopy surgery at Bhopal in the field of gynecology or infertility ?

Dr. Versha Jain has succesfully handled vast many cases who needed surgery for their gynecology disease or infertility issues.

The uniqueness of her surgical expertise is that she has been doing most of her surgical cases by the minimal invasive technique / laparoscopic technique instead of the traditional open surgery route.

As one of the best gynecologist surgeon at Bhopal, India, she has provided comprehensive surgical care using minimal invasive techniques. Some conditions that she has taken care using minimal invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery are:

• Uterine Fibroids

• Endometriosis

• Ovarian Cysts , Ovary Cyst removal by laparoscopy at Bhopal

• Prolapse

• Hysterectomy, or Uterus Removal by Laparoscopy

• Fertility Surgery, or Fallopian Tube surgery for Infertility treatment at Bhopal

• Ovary Removal by Laparoscopy

For women having infertility issues, she has tremendous surgical experience in diagnosis and treatmnet of fallopian tube problems using laparoscopic technique.

Dr. Versha Jain has her team of other like minded surgeon who share the passion towards laparoscopic surgery, and preferred anesthetists with years of experience. Her team has helped many other gynecologist or infertility doctors in taking care of some of the most complex surgical cases by laparoscopy technique.

We understand that any surgery is emotionally disturbing. Bhopal Gyne, is a team work…for taking care, holding your hands, making you understand on each and every step of the treatment planned for you.

We not only focus on minimal invasive laparoscopy surgery with our surgical expertise, but also look out for any therapy that can avoid a surgery, and if surgery is indeed needed as a last resort, our focus is also towards post-surgical care as well.